VTS & VHF information

Information about vessel traffic control and VHF radio frequencies. 

Vessel Trafic Service (VTS)

The operational vessel traffic around Den Helder is handled by the VTS station in the Vessel Traffic Control Centre. This traffic control service operates continuously, in all weather conditions. As a result, vessel handling in the VTS area is rapid and safe. The area includes the navigable channels the Schulpengat, Molengat, Marsdiep, the roads of Den Helder, the naval port, the government seaport Het Nieuwe Diep and the ferry port.

VHF information

Vessels equipped with VHF must therefore switch to VHF 62 as soon as they enter or leave the VTS area, pass bridges, drop anchor, or carry out any other specific activities.

On request, informative radar assistance can be provides in respect of vessel positioning. VHF 62 als provides regular information on weather conditions, water levels, visibility, pilot services, etc.

Within the VHF 62 range, ETA messages can be transmitted to ensure the availibility of a pilot.

The Den Helder Vessel Traffic Control Centre on VHF 62, and the Port Authority on VHF 14 must be contacted by all vessels during arrival and departure.

VHF Frequencies