Obstructions & Detours

On this page we will keep you updated about all blockades and the subsequent diversions in our port.

Scheepvaartbericht - Stremming

Natte Dok; Stremming Zeedoksluis

 Ivm herstelwerkzaamheden geldt het volgende:

- Stremming Zeedoksluis
- Zaterdag 13 maart 00:00 tot Vrijdag 16 april 2021 23:59 

Om u op de hoogte te houden van deze renovatie hebben wij een speciale App ontwikkeld met BAM. U kunt deze via de knop hieronder downloaden.

Scheepvaartbericht - Stremming

Noordhollandsch kanaal; Stolperbasculebrug; stremming beweegbaar deel

Van vrijdag 26 maart 07:00 t/m maandag 29 maart 2021 05:00 uur

Ivm werkzaamheden


Scheepvaartbericht - Stremming

Binnenvoorhaven Koopvaardersschutsluis; Koopvaardersschutsluis

Van maandag 10 mei 22:00 t/m dinsdag 11 mei 2021 22:00 uur

Ivm werkzaamheden

(Finished) obstructed between 14-09-2020 till 31-10-2020

(Finished) Maintenance on "Burgemeester Visserbrug"

Because of maintenance works on the N250 and bridge from 14-09-2020 till 31-10-2020 the "Burgemeester Visser brug" wil not be operated during this time.

The closed bridge is still accessible by boat between the period 9-10-2020, from 18.00 hours till 25-10-2020 18.00 hours. The maximum height of this section is 3,5 meters and the maximum width is 5 meters. 

Outside this period the bridge fairway is closed for all maritime traffic because of the maintenance on the bridge itself.

If you want to know more about the maintenance on the N250 or the "Burgemeester Visserbrug" feel free to visit the following website: 

(Finished) Notification

(Finished) Maintenance on Vice Admiraal Moormanbrug 22-07-2020 - 16-08-2020

In the period from 22-07-2020 to 16-08-2020, maintenance will be carried out on the Vice Admiraal Moormanbrug. During this period, the maximum passage width will be 16 meters.

Please be aware: The road crossing the Admiraal Moormanbrug will be closed during this period. For entrance to the Naval Base please follow the detour signs.

(Finished) - Take in account a maximum delay of 30 minutes

(Finished) - Sludge suction activities at the Koopvaarderschutsluis 15-27 June 2020

From 15 June 10 p.m. to Saturday 27 June 6 a.m., the company WaakSaam removes accumulated sludge from the Koopvaardersschutsluis in the Port of Den Helder. We work in the Koopvaardersschutsluis from 22:00 to 06:00.

If you register in time via VHF 22 or by telephone 0223-613292, the lock can be prepared on arrival. Hold up for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Registration 1.5 hours before arrival at the lock

(Finished) Dive inspections at the Koopvaarders schutsluis 8-13 June 2020

Commissioned by the province of North Holland, WaakSaam carries out the annual inspection work with divers in the Koopvaardersschutsluis in Den Helder from the 8th of June to the 13th of June - every day between 20.00 and 07.00 hours.

We conduct these dive inspections to monitor the condition of the steel sheet piling.

NOTE: There is no delay at the lock provided that the ships report at least 1.5 hours before arrival at the lock via VHF 22 or by telephone: +31 (0)223 61 32 92. If registered in time, the lock can be locked on arrival.