Business locations

Since the privatization of the port of Den Helder, we have in addition to our port grounds, a number of very interesting areas in our management that still offer sufficient space for the development of new business activities.

The ideal pit-stop harbour for all offshore activities


Port of Den Helder is the pit stop port for logistics services for offshore maintenance and supply activities at (the southern part of) the North Sea. Port of Den Helder has been the most important offshore operations and maintenance hub for over 40 years. This success is due to its high quality and fast service, convenient location and short sailing times to offshore installations. Thanks to facilities for fast and efficient turnaround times, the port can offer excellent transport and logistical support in the North Sea. Port of Den Helder serves approximately 95 per cent of all offshore platforms in the Dutch North Sea waters, in addition to various British platforms. Moreover, Den Helder is ideally situated for sustainable energy projects such as offshore wind.

The port’s logistics infrastructure – including Den Helder Airport, one of the largest helicopter airports in North-West Europe – and its hinterland connections make the port, with comprehensive technical facilities, the home base for a growing number of offshore and energy-related companies.

Den Helder is the historical home port of the Royal Netherlands Navy. The surrounding region has a wide range of high-quality (maritime) suppliers, knowledge institutes and educational institutions.

Unique characteristics:

• Ideal pit-stop harbour for Operation & Maintenance, based on over 40 years of experience in offshore logistics;
• Strategic position for offshore wind farms at the North Sea;
• Complete supply chain available for Operations & Maintenance, including Customs agencies with bonded warehousing;
• Immigration services available;
• Direct sheltered deep water access with minimal tidal movements;
• ISPS certificated public quayside;
• Unique ecosystem seaport and heliport;
• Cost effective through rapid vessel handling and quick turn around times;
• Unique knowledge environment with wind testing facilities such as TNO, the Royal Navy, Wageningen Research Institute and WMC;
• Air Logistic Centre (ALC): efficient flight planning;
• daily helicopter flights; annualy 27.000 flights allowed annually;
• Direct charters  into Den Helder Airport from the main offshore centres;
• Port of Den Helder is accessible in all weather circumstances 24/7;

    Please download our Seaport brochure below for more information also take a look at the interactive Map for available plots in our Seaport area.

    A unique harbour in its kind


    The Netherlands in general has a limited number of business locations with quayside access. The growing demand from the market for portbased commercial estates has led to the development and establishment of the inner harbour of Kooyhaven. Linked to the open sea and the seaport of Den Helder, Kooyhaven offers plenty of room for expansion with various plot sizes on offer. The area is located on the Noordholland Canal, opposite the Kooypunt commercial estate. The link with Kooypunt offers a number of advantages: the presence of companies that operate in the same dynamic sector, creating an overall solid position. Kooyhaven harbour serves as an additional commercial estate with plots with dedicated quaysides and quaysides intended for general use.

    Unique characteristics:

    • Immediately adjacent to the Noordholland Canal
    • Multifunctional site
    • Quaysides for both own and general use
    • Close to Den Helder Airport and seaport
    • Excellent access
    • Solid position through proximity of Kooypunt

    For more information please contact Sandra Lambers - Commercial Manager mobile, +31 (0)6 8261 6487,
    email [email protected].

    See below for Brochures and documents regarding Kooyhaven, including the relevant facts and figures of this unique business location. Also take a look at the interactive Map for available plots in Kooyhaven.


    More than simply space!


    The Kooypunt commercial estate is in a constant state of development. Just a short distance from the seaport and the airport in Den Helder, alongside important supply routes, Kooypunt is an excellent location for a wide range of businesses. As well as offshore and energy- related activities, Kooypunt is enjoying growth in the number of operators from the production, trading, industrial and business to business services sectors. The link with Kooyhaven offers a number of advantages: on this estate, currently still being developed, businesses are based that operate in the same dynamic sector, creating an overall solid position. Thanks to its favourable geographical location, Kooypunt is easily accessible. All in all, Kooypunt is the ideal establishment location offering plenty of space and competitive land prices!

    Growing demand

    Partly thanks to the ever growing number of offshore and maritime companies based in Den Helder, the demand for attractively-located commercial estates is growing. Kooypunt can meet that demand by investing in a high-quality location. The Kooypunt I and II estates have already been awarded the Safe Business Label (Keurmerk Veilig Ondernemen) and the local business association is hard at work organising park management. Kooypunt offers quality locations for every sector, including plots suitable for businesses with environmental category 5.2 exemption.

    Expansion at Kooypunt

    The demand for plots of land for businesses wishing to set up in Den Helder is continuing to grow. The logical step is therefore to expand into the Kooypunt III commercial estate.

    More than 20 hectares of land are available for businesses looking for quality, good access, good cooperation and healthy competition. Den Helder is also home to a cluster of knowledge institutes and educational establishments capable of supplying qualified personnel. Kooypunt offers more than simply space!

    Unique characteristics:

    • Competitive land prices
    • Spacious plots
    • Ideal location
    • Wide range of businesses
    • Link with Kooyhaven


    For more information please contact Sandra Lambers – Commercial Manager mobile, +31 (0)6 8261 6487, email [email protected]

    See below for Brochures and documents regarding Kooypunt, including the relevant facts and figures of this unique business location. Also take a look at the interactive Map for available plots on Kooypunt

    Our spider in the web towards clean hydrogen production

    Energyhub Oostoever

    One of the largest offshore helicopter porst of Northwest Europe

    Den Helder Airport

    Den Helder Airport is only a 5 minutes drive away from Port of Den Helder. Den Helder Airport is one of the largest offshore helicopter ports of Northwest Europe and one of its kind in the Netherlands, specialized in offshore operations. At Den Helder Airport, thirty companies including four helicopter carriers are located. The regional airport of North Holland North is fully equipped for handling helicopters, aircrafts, passengers and freight. The easy accessibility, excellent parking facilities near the terminal, low parking fees and short waiting times make Den Helder Airport very attractive. The presence of Customs, Immigration and Airport Security, complete the full package.

    Thanks to this renovations as well as existing helicopter flights, Den Helder Airport is fully equipped for passenger transport to European offshore cities. The Airport is working on establishing a scheduled service between Den Helder and other offshore cities, thereby linking the capitals of the offshore energy business. This direct link offers numerous advantages for the oil and gas industry as well for offshore wind. Den Helder Airport stands for safety, speed, excellent facilities and a full airport experience. It is ideally situated close to the primary oil and gas field for the Southern North Sea and centrally located for the new build Offshore Wind farms.

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