Harbour management system portal & PortVisit

In the Port of Den Helder we are working with an internal system called the harbour management portal and an external system called PortVisit.

Agents are obliged to register ships for the arrival of Port of Den Helder 24 hours in advance via this system.

Harbor management system portal (HMS-Portal)

Port of Den Helder works with a port management system portal (HMS-Portal) and serves as an internal system for the port service of Port of Den Helder. Our HMS-Portal provides the following:

• recording the registration of shipping handling;
• provides information about dangerous goods;
• provides information about port dues;
• provides information about port logistics to NV Port of Den Helder;
• pass through of mandatory information by Port of Den Helder to relevant government agencies;
• Invoicing of the port dues.

In this way, the HMS Portal ensures fast, safe and environmentally friendly handling of shipping traffic in the port of Den Helder.

The system does not provide information to the user, but the user can enter the required information.


PortVisit is a new registration system in order electronically report seagoing vessels to the Port Authority of Port of Den Helder, including reports from the Maritime Single Window to the other authorities.

To register please fill in the form below. 

In order to register your ship via PortVisit please fill in your information.

Please call the following number in case of no internet connection:
+31 (0)223 61 39 55

PortVisit registration