The ideal strategic location for offshore energy.

2023 TNO report

Vessel Supply Train Den Helder

This 2023 TNO report answers the main research question: is it possible to increase the yield and reduce the Operation & Maintenance costs of offshore wind farms by applying ship-to-ship supply of SOV's, following fixed schedules?

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Over the past 40 years, the Port of Den Helder has developed into the offshore energy centre of the southern North Sea. 80% of the energy sourced from the Dutch section of the North Sea comes ashore at Den Helder. With a complete supply chain located in the region, the Port of Den Helder is a pitstop port that offers all conceivable services for the offshore energy.  From rapid supply of water and efficient bunkering to ship repair and maintenance. The nearby heliport is a daily coming and going of platform employees. And with the new Kooyhaven inner harbour and Kooypunt industrial estate directly opposite, there is an ocean of space for development.

What makes Port of Den Helder the ideal port to offshore energy?

Thé offshore Energy HUB on the North Sea
Thanks to facilities and services enabling fast and efficient turnaround times and direct and sheltered access to the North Sea, together with Den Helder Airport, excellent transport and logistical support can be offered by the numerous offshore services providers in the region. Den Helder is centrally located at the heart of the Offshore Wind Locations at the North Sea, not only for the Dutch windfarms but also for UK, Danish and German Far Large Offshore Wind farms.
Optimized logistics supply chain
The port’s logistics infrastructure and its hinterland connections make the port, with comprehensive technical facilities, the home base for a large and growing number of offshore and energy-related companies. This complete supply chain including knowledge institutes, together with its strategic location and infrastructure, has resulted in many cost efficient logistic operations in the offshore sector reducing operational expenditure.
Port of Den Helder is an Eco Port certificated Port. Located directly to the Natura 2000 area: “The Waddenzee”, undeniably resulting in the fact that sustainability a part of our DNA. It is taken into account with every new development. Hydrogen developments are part of this program such as:
• Shore power facilities
• Green Hydrogen bunker facility
Industrial areas / inner harbour: Kooyhaven
The growing demand from the market for port-based commercial estates has led to the development of Kooyhaven. With a direct link to open sea, large plot sizes and plenty of availibility, Kooyhaven is the sustainable, ultimate answer to demand from the market. The link with Kooypunt with the presence of companies that operate in the same dynamic sector, creating an overall solid position. Kooyhaven harbour serves as an additional commercial estate with plots with dedicated quaysides and quaysides intended for general use.
Industrial areas / inner harbour: Kooypunt
The Industrial Area Kooypunt is an excellent location for a wide range of businesses. As well as offshore and energy- related activities, Kooypunt is enjoying growth in the number of operators from the production, trading, industrial and business to business services sectors. Kooypunt is easily accessible and offers quality locations for every sector, including plots suitable for businesses with the highest environmental category 5.2 exemption. Kooypunt has already been awarded the Safe Business Label (Keurmerk Veilig Ondernemen).
Den Helder Blueport Center
To accommodate offshore wind, we’re in the middle of realizing new quays or berths and a transition from the Fish Auction to an Offshore Wind facility with:
• State of the Art O&M, wind and Logistics Hub
• 4.800m2 available, including warehouse, storage, offices, canteen, changing rooms and rooftop parking facilities
• Tailorisation of units varying from 300m2 to 2.000m2
• 290 kW of solar energy capacity installed
• Direct ISPS quay side access adjacent to the building
• Opportunities for exclusive use of quay side and optional CTV landing facilities

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operates, develops, coordinates and on the Kooypunt and Kooyhaven commercial estates. In close collaboration with municipalities, the Royal Dutch Navy, research institutes and educational establishments, excellent facilities are provided for successful business, learning and working.

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