Awarding CO2-aware Certificate level 3

On February 27, the municipality of Den Helder and the related parties, including Port of Den Helder, were awarded the CO2-aware Level 3 Certificate. Municipality of Den Helder is the first municipality in North Holland to carry this certificate.

Ambition document Sustainability

Port of Den Helder adopted an Ambition Sustainability Document in early 2019. With this document, the port authority has identified the ambitions for making the port more sustainable. It focuses on three themes: Energy, Emissions and Circularity. Projects have been identified for each theme to contribute to the objectives.

In order to be able to monitor the results of the sustainability measures, we had the CO2 footprint of our own operations for 2018 (baseline measurement) determined at the end of 2019. We are currently taking measures to achieve a further CO2 reduction. This makes Port of Den Helder the first seaport in the Netherlands to be CO2 certified. A wonderful addition to and reinforcement of our Ecoports certification that we have carried as a port for more than 6 years.