Special 8-hour short-stay rate can come in handy during Corona.

Port of Den Helder - In these difficult times of Corona, we increasingly notice that ships are not allowed to moor in every harbour for a short stop.

Due to the pit stop character of our port, we are already very suitable for short stay visits, not only crew change, but also bunker facilities are available in the port. To encourage short visits to our port, we have a special short-stay rate for this.

Not only for short stops is Port of Den Helder the ideal location, also for ships in the North Sea that have to deal with Corona itself. For example by their own crew or by crew changes from Oil and Gas platforms and offshore wind parks, must get the possibly infected people ashore as safely and efficiently as possible. As a port you have to meet strict requirements to receive these people. From our quay further into the country, the entire chain is fully equipped to accommodate these people and provide them with thorough care.

If you want to use our port for a short stay, please contact us: +31 (0) 6 53 78 15 97 or havenmeester@podh.eu

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