Measurements and Protocol Port of Den Helder in relation to COVID-19

Due to the recent developments in relation to COVID-19 and the measurements taken by our government Port of Den Helder has taken the following measures. We hereby follow the advice of the government and the guidelines of RIVM.

·    The  Port Authority Den Helder is operational, although with minimal occupancy;

·       The office is open, but our employees work from home;

·       We have a temporary stop on external visitors to our office.

·       Scheduled meetings take place by telephone, skype or other means of digital communication. If this is not possible, these will be rescheduled at a later time;

If you have any questions regarding these measurements you can contact your relation manager.

Health & Safety

Port of Den Helder requests all ships entering the port to submit a Maritime Health Declaration form (MDoH), regardless of the situation on board. This MDoH must be sent at least 6 hours prior to arrival to our harbour master and must have been signed in the last 24 hours.

You can submit the Maritime Health Declaration to the Port Operations Centre in Den Helder:  

If it turns out to be a ship on which someone is suspected of being infected with the coronavirus the captain of the ship has to inform the following organizations depending position of the ship and  besides your handling agent, conform Dutch Health Law (Wet Publieke Gezondheid).

Ship is Offshore:                                  
Coastguard (Kustwacht)/Enforcementdesk +31(0)223 542300.

Ship is to shore of Den Helder:        
 Ship Traffic Control Center +31(0)223 657522.

Ship is in Port of Den Helder:
GGD (Dutch public health center) +31(0)88 0100510 or +31(0)88 0100535 (outside office hours) as well as the Harbour Authority Den Helder +31(0)223 613955.